Incorrect responses causing big issues

I’ve added training, refined responses multiple times, and turned on prevent hallucinations but it continues to respond incorrectly. A good amount of requests are to check the balance on their card. The trained and refined response has been to check on a third-party site, but for some reason it’s replying with incorrect amounts and not directing them to the URL ( to check the balance. In this case, the response was $50, but the actual value is 1.05. Another responded with $200 and they had less than $5.
Is it a bug it’s not responding as trained or am I missing something? It causes problems for clients when they come into the location thinking they have $50 or $200 on their card, when it’s maybe a few dollars at most.
If there’s an option to train it to check the card value, i’d love to know how, but at the very least need it to stop misquoting the card value, especially way too high as it has been.
Thank for your help

Hi Benjaminlp, I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can do that. If every user has a different balance, what you are trying to do won’t work. It could work with static information that is the same for everybody, but since the amount changes for each user, we can’t sync that.

I would advise training the chatbot not to respond to balance questions.

Hi Simone,
Thanks for responding. Any tips on why it won’t just direct the user to visit the third-party site? Directing users to the site to check was my primary goal, but I thought if there were a way for it to check balances for them, that would be a bonus. There used to be a keyword or tag feature; is that part of the learning system now? As mentioned, I’ve added the knowledge and refined answers, but it still doesn’t direct users to check on the card balance site and instead gives overinflated value responses.

Hi Benjaminlp, we are about to release a conversational form that will allow you to redirect customers by asking them a series of questions, such as: “Hi, welcome! What would you like to do?” They will then be prompted with choices like “check balances” or be redirected to where you want on the page. I think this might be able to help you. This feature will be released very soon.

Thank you again for your response. I’m looking forward to the new releases and updates. In the short-term, is there any solution to this scenario? I’ve created the quick replies for card balance and employment. Card balance only works occasionally but with careers, employment, hiring, it gives a link to a page that doesn’t exist. I’d add the page and add a redirect but it the link it generates (we have hallucinations off), goes to a broken page since it adds… to the link. That link is nothing we’ve trained it for and it’s not answering with what we’ve created in the quick replies.
Thanks again

Hi Benjamin I’ve made a quick video to show you how to bind quick replies to a Q&A dataset for consistently displaying your URL.

I can’t tell how your documentation is formatted but I can send you a document that will help you understand how to prepare a document for the knowledge hub.

Thank you! This is very helpful!

How would I insert the URL into the button? For example, it shows the balance button, but when I click it, it shows you go to without the link, and then it auto-responds onclick that it doesn’t understand. Thanks again!

Hi, sorry, I’m not sure I’m following. can you please explain again what are you trying to achieve?

If you follow my video, I believe you will be able to provide a link when clicking on quick replies, we will look into enabling links inside the quick replies editor to simplify this process

Have the button link to the page in a new window instead of inserting more text.
In this test it says cannot assist with balance but still shows the card balance button.
Second screenshot shows the text that auto populates, then it adds the not relevant message automatically as well.
So if possible, the button links directly and the not relevant message doesn’t happen.
Thanks again!!

Right now we cant use quick replies as buttons to open link in new tabs, I think this would solve your problem I will ask the developer and see what we can do about it. About the extra text I will also have a look at that