Integration with other Channels

The biggest issue I got with the procuct at this point:
It is one of the best I know for a chat embeded in the website.
it has amazing features like live updates of the knowledge and the embeded answers of forms, images, calendars etc. this is great.

but it is "stuck"only on the website. it can not go live on any other channel. not FB page, messenger’, whatsapp, telegram etc.
it can not communicate to 3rd party apps via Zapier, pubbly, integrately etc.

and most people want Omni bot. not JUST for the website.
this is a big issue for me trying to sell it to customers.


yeah me too its an huge issue

I completely agree that our platform should become an omnichannel solution. Our customers interact through various channels, from Facebook and WhatsApp to Instagram and email. Centralizing all this information in one place would allow us to provide consistent and efficient follow-up. It would be truly wonderful, don’t you think?

Currently, I’m having issues with my clients because we have to jump between different bot platforms. Do you think it’s a crazy idea for Answerly to become multichannel? This would enable us to reach more customers with a unified solution and better meet their needs.

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We will introduce new channels, but we are currently working on other updates, specifically improving the white-label aspect and the leads system.