Interactive Training - Product or multi

It would be awesome to see a Interactive training which utilize multiple aspects.

Like: This link goes with this image/video and this summary.

For instance for a product that could mean:
Product name, Product summary, Product link, Product image/video

So when the bot is speaking to a customer or the customer asks about the product it could utilize all aspects of it depending on the customers needs.

So far I am trying to do this manually one by one.

Hey @paradisianway

We’re trying to create a “product” as an interactive dataset itself. Do you mind sharing some feedback on what do you want to achieve, so that we can make this feature better?

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I am still just experimenting with it myself. I have a client with lots of different products on their website and they want the chatbot to recommend product categories or specific products depending on the conversation and link them to that product or even better show it in the chatbot.

So right now I am looking to achieve some aspect of this by Doing a summary of each product with product name etc, descriptions. Then add an interactive image with description "Product image for: [product name], and interactive linke with “Product Page for: [product name]”. With that i’m hoping that the bot can make the connection if a product is mentioned.

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It’s hard to get it to work properly with this way i tried.

It’s basically similar to the Recommended Article Feature. Input a link, it fetches the product. We provide more custom details to the product (Let us create custom input fields?) When the products are shown to the user, it would be nice to have a carousel of all the relevant products that the user asked for and match.

Products or Real Estate Properties could be shown inspired like this inside the chat Product Carousel Widget for Elementor - Unlimited Elements for Elementor