Intercom Integration for SaaS Customer Support and Automatic Learning

I know you guys are swamped with the crazy roadmap of new sexy features, but here’s an idea:
native Intercom integration that will help SaaS businesses with customer support.

Basically connecting our Answerly chatbot directly into the support inbox of Intercom, via a custom account or directly into somebody’s already set account.

The benefits of the Intercom API connection are two-way:

  1. Direct support via communication with users, built on the initial knowledge base,
  2. Constant learning from direct communication with users and also by feeding the correspondence data from support team chats with users.

Intercom is also integration-APi friendly, with great custom connector app support, and I presume that with their huge user audience, creating a custom integration and listing it on the Intercom App Marketplace wouldn’t be a total waste of time (my personal opinion:)

I know that you already provided a great API, but for us with limited dev resources (or less technical skills:) an integration with a few clicks and oAuth veridication would be a lifesaver.

Happy to discuss and exchange ideas and options further :slight_smile:

Hi, we will first focus on releasing critical updates, and then we will focus on adding new integrations. Thanks for the suggestion.

I would literally pay somebody to help us create a custom Intercom App so we can connect our Intercom accounts with our trainer Anwserely bot :smile:

My support is barely managing, and the Answerly bot is brilliant, but I can’t add it directly to Intercom support.

If you know somebody who would be willing to help (for cash ofc) I’ll be ecstatic! :smiley: