Is it possible to prevent an agent from splitting its answers into multiple messages?


I’ve been so greatly impressed by Answerly’s knowledge base features that I plan to use Answerly for both chatbots and generative bots (Copywriters, etc.).

For this second use case, is it possible to force an agent to display it’s response as one single large message? Currently, my agents will split a larger response into multiple smaller “messages.” When I view the conversation in the agent’s conversation history, it looks normal (meaning, it is formatted as a long response with proper paragraphs) however, in the chat itself, the agent will always break the response up into multiple “messages” to give the illusion of a real chat.

Is it possible to turn this feature off and have single long responses?

Thanks! Loving the platform in all other respects.

Hi A.Ninja, welcome to the Answerly Community!

Happy to hear that you are enjoying the platform.

We will have to ask this question to the founder, @Fatos.

If I’m not mistaken, in the beginning, we had it set up to give a unified response, but this has been modified, perhaps for technical reasons. I can’t give you an exact answer right now, we will wait for Fatos to reply.