Is Preview or Get Link updated

Does previews or get link updates when you continue to edit the bot?

The font does not seem to update at all on preview, even if i create a new link.

I’m not sure I understand your question. When you change the appearance of the chat widget, such as fonts or width, those changes should be immediately reflected in the preview widget.

Well for me, the FONT of the widget is different on the Preview than what i’ve chosen and how it looks on the “Get Link” view.

Hey @paradisianway

So preview works with your latest live widget, and not the one that you are editing in the workspace. I understand your confusion and I apologize. I’ll see that we can change it so uses your latest settings in a future update.

No, when i origiginally created this post i was unsure of what was going on. Now i just see that when i share the chat widget with “Share Link”, the FONT is not the same as on “Preview” or when I actually embed it. It’s a small issue but sometimes I share it with “Share Link” instead of preview since that clients website doens’t support iframe and it looks weird because of the font is not correct.