Is there a special area setup for FacePop users to chat and ask questions? This would be great

Is there a special area setup for FacePop users to chat and ask questions? This would be great.

I’m hoping to find an area, in the community, that is set aside specifically for FacePop users to chat, ask questions, share ideas, get help, etc., … with and for FacePop.

Does this exist? If so, can you tell me where, aside from the FacePop WhiteLabel area that I found.

Gary Gordon

Step Ahead Web, LLC


Hey Gary, thank you for the suggestion! That’s definitely our goal!

We have just started working with Discourse (community platform software), and our goal is to gradually customize it so that you can focus the community around one or more of our products.

I also have Facepop, if you have questions and want to talk @garymgordon

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@Marvin That would be great. I’ve love to set up a Zoom call for us to meet up and talk about our thoughts on how to use Facepop, etc. Email me at with your contact info and I’ll reach out to you.

You can also go to and use this to let me know when you’d like to meet up. Just pick a day and time. :slight_smile:

Gary Gordon

You can write me here (private chat).

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Ok. I didn’t know that. Thanks. I will.

Can i join? I haven’t invested in Facepop yet, but i think it’s a great addition in combo. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

@paradisianway Hi. My name is Gary. When you say “can I join” to you mean join the meet up I’ll be having with Marvin soon? If that’s what you meant, I have no issue. The more the better. I’m new to Facepop and I recently invested in it. So I’d love to even hear what you “plan” to do with it, if and when you purchase it. So I’ll let you know when we’ll meet up.

@Marvin @paradisianway

Question. Would you prefer to meet up and talk during the week or on the weekend. I’m in New Jersey, so I’m in the EST zone. Let me know what days and times work best for both of you (in EST). I’ll then set up a Zoom meeting and direct message you both with the details. :slight_smile:

im on CET so that can be a challenge too. Right now just before christmas i prefer weekdays.

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Sounds good. I’ll be back soon.