Knowledge hub setup

This is not really a support question rather than general advice.

I’ve got a pretty large client with a complex business. I am wondering how to best set up the knowledge base for most accurate answers.

They have a pretty large amount of pages on their websites. They have many products, among them screws which are very similar to eachother.

I am wondering which route is the best because to me it seems like many routes to take.

Sitemap: Read somewhere it’s not ideal above 100 pages. Is this correct?

Webpages: I could upload the webpages but i feel like it would come with a bunch of garbage information from the various pages (like menu text and other side texts and even formatting). So I feel like this route may be easier but not ideal.

Google doc: Thinking about copying the information from the website and pasting it into a Google doc, more manual labour but cleaner information than webpage. Is that a good idea? Does the Google doc has a length limit at which it becomes less accurate?

Summarys: Thought about putting each in summaries but the length limit of 2048 characters was a problem. Then I thought about using ChatGPT to consolidise all information from the website into Q&A’s to ut in either Google doc or summary, but i feel a lot of detail will be missing.

  • Summarys for each of their products. Lot’s of manual labour, still why i’m consodiering the google doc.

They also have a bunch of PDF’s with information about their services and various products and catalogues, brochures etc. Is it worth it to upload most of these? I did this in the beginning, but i’m thinking that the more information I upload to it, at some point it becomes dilluted, perhaps take longer to respond because it has to go over more information.

Really there are a couple of things I would like to achieve, not sure if all are realistic at this point.

  1. Have the bot be knowledgable about their business, services and products.
  2. Be able to link the customers to different product categories or products based on the conversation. Possibly even make product suggestions.
  3. Be able to direct customers to talk to sales, different sales people depending on which product category or service they are interested in.

I have so far gotten unconsistent results by frankensteining together links, prompts etc. to make it work. But so far, far from great.

Just looking for thoughts, suggestions. Thanks.


Hello @paradisianway,

One important fact to understand is that everything you teach the agent converts into fragments of text. Then, when a user submits a query, a few of the most relevant fragments are selected and used to generate a response by the AI.

The most efficient way to manage this is to think in terms of fragments. Focus all your knowledge in Google Doc, and list your products in separate rows, in a Google Sheet.

Then, use interactive datasets for a richer experience, such as including links or certain media types, and QA.

This should provide you with the most efficient agent capable of answering questions about your business.

Regarding product suggestions, I would advise against simply tweaking the prompts to create such a feature, as this may yield inconsistent results. We are currently developing a new Product dataset that will natively incorporate this feature into the agent.


Thanks for this reply. I was thinking this too but wasn’t sure.

How do you suggest you structure a google doc like this? You are saying to think in fragments - how do i think about that in a google doc which is basically a very long document? Should I avoid longer texts and break them down? How do a break apart the sections? What are the best practices for when structuring the document.

And for the sheets; What information can you put into them and how do you structure them?

Can i make multiple rows and the top line be: Product | Price | Description | Link

What are the capabilities of the sheets and what are the limits?

Thanks you for a clear and illuminating response.

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Another questions about the Google doc:

  • Is there a point in having multiple Google docs or should you just focus on one?
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@Fatos @Simone

Focus on a well formatted one

If you have multiples categories such as product | price | link

probably the easier way to keep that organized is to use google sheets

how many products are you planning to list?

Hi @paradisianway Do you already have a working Google Sheet or Google Doc? I am also looking for such a best practice template. I look forward to reading from you and wish you a happy new year, INGO