Let's understand the possibilities of Conversational Forms

I have a bunch of clients. Right now, i use Conversational Forms (CF) with none of them.

My go to right now is embedded form connected to human takeover and quick reply. So the bot has a quick reply which says “Talk to an expert / Get a quotation” or something like that. They click it and human take-over is initated taking them to an embedded form.

I kind of like that solution but conversational form is a lot “sexier” - however, it should add to the experience without taking away from it. With my current set-up, the customers get to the form when the form is needed. With CF it seems like they are going through the form whether they like it or not, is this correct?

Thankfully, at least now you can have optional questions so the bot won’t get crazy when they decline to reply.

So a few questions I have regarding the new CF:

  • Does the form start immediately when engaging in a chat? Always?
  • When does the CF initiate? And why?
  • Are triggers possible?

I would love if we users could master mind around different use cases to get the most out of it. How we implemented it for our customers etc.

Anybody down for this?

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M looking for this too.
The bot earlier was seemlessly taking down customer info which is prime.
Now its all gone. Looking forward to the answers and solutions.

Yea, it’s not straightforward how it works and most importantly why. If we want to utilize it to the best we need to understand how it works and why so we can implement it acordingly and work with it.

Also would be great to talk around what types of workflows you find works great and if one has come up with something interesting.

Hey @paradisianway

At the moment forms can be initiated through the “collect data” feature for the agent, which I understand it’s a bit inconvenient, because it forces the agent to start off with the questions.

We’re bringing forms as an interactive dataset – This allows an agent to initiate any form you select, in the middle of the conversation, or give you more control when and how should the form load.

Please let me know if this would add additional value to the agents.

I am also tagging @Simone so maybe he can share his thoughts as well.

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Great, can we have a feature which by default starts the form and some trigger words so that the forms will be up when it identifies it.

@Fatos any timing estimate on when this would happen?

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It’s already built so it should go live during next week!

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any updates on this?

Also i was wondering - when the customer answers, the bot is taking the relevant information to keep the information clean. For instance someone might answer “my email is abc@123.com” and the bot only takes the email - this is great, would be a mess otherwise. But for a more general question like, “what is the issue your facing?” and the customer may say a more longwinded answer but its good to get all the context? Is it possible to have a question where by the bot takes the answer as a whole?


Did this go live?

Any reason this is getting ignored?