LLM API Key Not Working

This seems to be new because it was working and now it is not.

I am receiving the following error:
For your OpenAI API key to function, it must have an attached payment method. You can attach a payment method by clicking this link

Any ideas on how to fix this?

I have tried new API keys, I have tried creating new agents. All keys on all agents seem to fail.

I have also tried removing and adding billing information inside of chat GPT.

Hi, this could be related to OpenAI, sometimes their server just goes down, and that is the error message.

@Simone thank you for your fast reply. I have been trying (on and off) all day and it seems the error will not go away. Any suggestions?

are you generating the API key from open ai website? because that looks like a short key to me… the one you provided on the image