Logic Flow Setup

I am looking to build a sequential on-boarding chatbot for various niches. Is there a way to program answerly to ask a series of specific questions, and then based on the answer to those questions, create a sort of form logic that will take the visitor to the next question based on the previous answer? I hope I explained that correctly. I thought I would be able to do this QA section of “Interactive Training” and then I thought it could be done under “Discover” but it does not do what I just mentioned. Does answerly have the ability to set up condition logic questions?

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Yes, we are working to release what we call Conversational Forms with the next update. With this, you will be able to sequentially ask a list of questions and capture the information.

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Nice! So as of right now there isnt a work around I can do for condition logic? Im trying to build some Demos for a few niches and it would be nice to have that.

More or less, when do you think that next update will be available?