Multilingual GDPR

Perhaps there is some way to have the bot translate the GDPR text into whatever language the user starts the conversation with. For instance, if my bot is in Swedish but i have a multilingual site and an english person comes in and write, the GDPR message makes no sense.

Hey there, @paradisianway,

We’re considering how to implement this in a more systematic way.

Developing a feature that automatically translates GDPR based on the initial message would result in up to a 10-second delay before the GDPR message appears, which might lead to future feedback that the GDPR functionality is too slow.

We’re open to feedback and ideas. Thank you!

Yea, i thought about that two.

Perhaps something like this could be a suggestion.

“GDPR Message”
[Yes, I accept], [Abort], [English Please]

I they select english another set of Pre-Written (Not translated by GPT) comes.