Multiple agents within one chatbot

So i have a few customers who have both a very “new customer” volume and a heavy support volume.

For me it seems that it’s very hard to get the bot to handle both these things at once. You either need to focus more on the support or more on the sales.

So what if you could have multiple agents within one chatbot.

So when the users open the chatbot they first get a choice if they want to ask a general question or need support (or something like that) - and depending on what they choose, a specific agent is added to the conversation.

This would allow you to have different agents focus more heavily on different parts of the business and thus reduce hallucinations and the amount of data one specific agent needs to work with.


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This idea is very cool.

We have discussed it with the team before and we have agreed that we would add something like this in the future.

I believe this would improve the agent quality when the agent is focused only on one thing at a time. :v:

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