Multiple choice actions or Quick Replys

Multiple choice Quick Reply or similar feature.

For instance, i have a client that has different departments. So customers sometimes need to be connected to different people depending on which product category they’re interested in. Same with resources.

So either like a conditional logic web of sorts (if/then) or a multiple choice button thing. So it would be great if when a customer wants information on a product category or talk to sales, the bot could either ask for which product category and supply answer based on that or it would pop up multiple buttons.

Not sure if this makes sense. Let me know and I can clarify.

Thank you for your interesting question.

We are looking forward to enhancing the agent with more dynamic responses.

If you have more ideas about the types of quick replies we should offer, please feel free to share your suggestions.

Our focus is also on providing additional dataset types that give users more control over the agent’s answers. These new datasets are expected to go live soon.

As a side effect, controlling the agent’s responses will also allow for greater control over which quick replies are displayed, essentially allowing you to create a multi-choice feature with the existing functionalities alone.

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Love it, sounds great!