Multiple Greeting / Intro Messages

I accidently discovered that if you have more than one tab open for the website that your chatbot is on, then it will give multiple greetings.

I discovered this when I tried to find the Answerly chatbot. 4 tabs later and when I found the bot I received 4 greeting messages.

Hi, I tried to reproduce the issue, but everything is working fine on my end. Can you please send me a short video so i can try to replicate and get this fixed. Thanks.

Thanks, but I can’t seem to reproduce it so I’ve included the screenshot of when it happened

Hi CB165, could it be that you have multiple websites with the chatbot widget enabled on multiple domains?

Hi, sorry if the way I have worded the text has caused confusion. I was actually visiting the Answerly website and had 4 tabs (different Answerly pages) open. These four pages included a mixture of product support (i.e. my account) and general sales pages.

I had no other domains open that had answerly chatbots running.

I noticed this on my own chatbot, opened it up in an incognito and got smashed with greeting messages. Not sure why.

Hi, is this happening when you are not logged into your dashboard, is this s frequent issue?

I think I have solved it. I had multiple issues occuring and i think it was because i duplicated chatbots and the instant embed got duplicated as well.

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We have also applied a patch to fix this, this evening.

Hi, i have multiple greetings too :confused:

Hi Simone, i have the same issue, with multiple greetings :confused: and also SSL is not activated on my whitelabel account…can you help please

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Hello @alexnachos has the multiple greetings and whitelabel SSL ben resolved for you? I’m new to Answerly but have these same issues and would like an idea on how to resolve them. Thanks.

no still not :frowning:

Hi Alex can you send me your subdmoain via private message?

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