Multiple Places for Prompt engineering with different purposes

Since i noticed that editing the custom prompt comes with a host of consequencies. It would be great if there were several places where you could put instructions for the bot.

For instance, we already have “Identity”. Now, we can add “Purpose”, “Goal”, “Additional instructions” on top of that. So we can instruct our bot more without messing up the foundation.


Hey Paradisianway, let me answer this: We are going to release today a feature that allows users to revise answers. This will increase control over the overall bot response.

However, I understand that you would like an extra layer to give the agent instructions without interfering with the custom prompt; we will work on that.

Purpose and Goal is what we describe as a conversational form, which is the next update we are about to release. In it, you can guide the user through a series of questions and collect data.