My Answerly are Bots down ! Not even Your own chatbot is opening after I click the bot

Can you please check why answerly bot is not opening ? I am unable to access my own bot and even chatbot Emma is working on my page. Please help.

Even answerly default support is not opening in external link. … Please help asap.

Here is the loom recording of the issue : -

Hi, we are currently investigating this issue.

I’m having the same problem. It might have to do something with new overlay or effect implemented on the backend. And it works different on apple devices. When I go to the review tab in the bot setup and follow the link, it works on a desktop and android but the opened website keeps spinning on an iPhone. Looks like it’s some effect or overlay going berserk. And that’s the only link that works. None of the others (answerly or custom domains) does.

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any updates? the bots are still down

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I am also waiting for an update from Answerly team. Why my bots are down while opening them via link ? Please help asap.

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on my end too.

Me too … 24hrs since issue reported and still down…that’s v concerning - doesn’t fill me with confidence in making a 100% jump across from my current platform!?! :frowning:

This is not reassuring!

Hi, we are aware of this problem and we will fix this asap.

Looks like it is working now, thanks @Simone for looking into this. :+1:

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