My Bot stopped working

In most cases, the problem can be traced back to two main reasons:

  1. Rate limits due to a free OpenAI key
    (Bheaviour: the bot will respond to initial questions but then stop answering even though there is still credit on my OpenAI account).

  2. Quota limits due to a reached quota.
    (Bheaviour: the bot will just stop responding )

In the first case, when using a free OpenAI key, we are subject to rate limits, even if we still have credit.
OpenAI imposes these restrictions. If you open the screenshot, you can read about the limitation of 3 requests per minute (rpm) in the chat.
This leads Answerly users to believe that the bot is not responsive, when in fact, the problem is associated with the limitations in place for the free OpenAI limits quota.
You can see the limitation on this page Here
To remove the limitation, it is strongly recommended to add a payment method

In the second case, “Quota limits due to a reached quota,” we have noticed that users sometimes set a very low spending limit and quickly reach the threshold of maximum spending. Once this threshold is reached, the bot will stop responding. Therefore, we recommend increasing the limits according to your usage.

To use Answerly to its maximum capabilities, we strongly recommend to have an OpenAI key with a payment method attached to it in order to remove all rate limit restrictions.