Need support with activation facepop

I have issue with my Answerly and Facepop account I didn’t notice at first that it was the same team behind the 2 product and I redeemed the 2 software separately, then I change the email on Facepop to have acces with the same email and now it gives me acces only to answerly. Can acces my facepop account and it say “free acconut” on Facepop (7 day free available) I do I get access back to my Facepop account.

I need real support please,
I can give redemption codes and receipt (in private)

Need help

Hi Mischa, please send me the redemption code and receipt via PM. I will ask the founder to take a look at it. @Fatos

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Hi Simone, thanks for the quick reply :pray:
How do I write in DM ? (been searching everywhere)

I send everything you ask via email twice and also on Instagram.
How do I send it to you or @Fatos directly ?

Just sent you a pm on this platform check on the top right