Need to Repeat Questions

I posted this before under another topic but haven’t received a response, so I’m creating a dedicated one.

While testing my chatbot on the uploaded tax code, I noticed that sometimes I need to ask a question two or three times to get an answer.

I’ve observed this in other instances as well. I made sure to ask questions that had answers available in the knowledge hub.

Why does this happen? How can I prevent it?

Hi Pkom79,

Try disabling all the quality control options, specifically the one in the middle
“Prevent Unrelated Conversations” and let me know how it goes.

I did that and tested on a set of questions that needed to be repeated in the past, and it seemed to work. I will test some more to see if this is a long-term solution to the problem. Thanks!

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I’m having an issue too, I have to repeat my questions and even then… it’s a bit strange that it’s not following with my requests…

Hi Alex i just checked your dashboard try to remove the custom prompt.

I did… now this is what I get.

Can you please explain the behavior you are expecting?

I see that you have trained your bot on a single-page homepage, and the content of the page is just a description of the business, which does not explain what to do in case somebody asks for booking an appointment or for FAQs.

Yes you’re right, apologies, I will train it properly and see what I’m getting after.