New Feature - Human Takeover Mode: Open IFrame

We’re excited to introduce our new Human Takeover Mode, which enables you to open your livechat or contact form directly within the chatbot widget’s browser, also known as an iFrame.

This feature provides a seamless transition from our AI chatbot to your communication end-point. The URL will launch in full screen, offering a smooth and integrated user experience.

You can find this update in the human takeover settings:

Enjoy this new update! :blush:


Hey this is great Fatos. Although, are you able to add additional settings that will let us change the size of the iframe?? I have tested a few times and mine comes out too large, or the bubble comes up and covers the message area. I would like the option to be able to adjust the size of the iframe that shows inside of the answerly widget (even if we put the iframe tag and size in ourselves, instead of just providing the url for the iframe etc). Please let me know if possible as I cannot implement my live chat without being able to adjust this. Thanks!

Hi, Welcome to the community, can you please provide the link to the live chat?

Sure. The live chat only provided me embed code which I couldnt add to Answerly, so I had to host the code in html in order to get a link and put that into answerly. Please see link here: Chat Widget

You will see in attached screenshot, it is almost perfect, but the top is cut off a bit and the X button to close it blocks the message send button.