New update?

Hello !

I just want to know when will arrive new real update ?? because since 30th January… Nothing !

No more update about conversational form ? No more intégration ? Nothing except that we can talk to the chatbot :cry:

Thank for your answer,
See you :wink:


Hi LeHugo,

We are working to release two major updates. One is about integration with third-party platforms, and the second is about the conversational form (conditional logic). Additionally, we are working to introduce plan creator options.

The reason why we haven’t released anything yet is that these two major updates need to be released together.


Hello! Could you give me more details about the creation of plans and what it involves?

It will add options to limits the usage of the user, for example the number of bots a user can create, essentially restricting the features to allow for the creation of different packages.


Do we have an ETA of the upcoming releases? We stopped promoting our Ai Chatbot Development services due to high refund rates. Hopefully these updates will fix the major issues we are facing. Thanks @Simone @Fatos


What kind of issues are you facing? Or what are your biggest obstacles? (Except for conditional logic in conversational forms)