Not reading product sheet

Tried asking for a name in my product sheet - a specific name as it says in the sheet and it doesnt exist anywhere else in my knowledge base and the bot said it couldnt find it.

this is how my document looks: My seach was for “Do you have Fureater bilkit?”

The response was: I coulnd’t find a product named Fureater bilkit, but check our category".

I have 3 different sheets: one for spareparts, one for central units and one for accessories.

This is an excerpt from the conversation, so it can access the sheet - it’s just retarded in some way and i’m unsure how to fix it. The conversation was in swedish so i translated it - the product is called “Fureater bilkit (car kit in english)”

Do you have the Fureater car kit?

I couldn’t find a product named “Fureater car kit” in our range. For car cleaning accessories, please check in the accessories category to see our available products.

Are you sure?

If you can’t find the product on our website, I recommend using our contact form so someone from our team can assist you directly.

Do you have item number 3332?

I can’t find the product you’re mentioning. Can you provide more details?

Product ID 3332?

Yes, we do have the car kit in our range! You can find it here.

What is the name of the product? For that specific product ID, I need more details. Use our search function or contact form!

What is the name of the product with ID 3332? I can’t directly search for product IDs in our system here in the chat. Please use our search function on the website or contact us for further assistance!

Do you have product ID 3332? The product with ID 3332 is a car cleaning equipment, called car kit. You can find it here: car kit.

Is it called the Fureater car kit? I couldn’t find the answer. Need more specific details.

Hi I was checking the Google sheets and I could not find the name of the category Fureater bilkit on it, can this be the issue? I think you need to tell the customer to ask for a specific query, like insert the id number or the name of the product, because there are so many ways people can search for something that you won’t be able to cover them all, it’s required to give some direction

“Fureater bilkit” is a productname and is in the description - it’s not a category. Do you mean to give directions to the customer via the chatbot, ie. specify in business description or identity how the bot will direct the customer? Got an example?

|. answered above

So it got better once I added “Product name” column. I removed instruction in business info to send links to avoid hallucination links. So now it never sends links even though it has them. It also says it doesn’t have price data available although I have one column for both “Regular price” and “Discounted price”.

So I have no idea how this thing works.

Here’s one of my sheets.