Open AI Must have an Attached Payment Method

I am getting a message that my Open AI key must have an attached payment method. This is attached to my regular Open AI account which has a payment method (and credit) … no problems with the other keys… can you please help.

HI Christian, i have just checked your account, and i saw many agents, each agents must have an open ai api key attached to works. what is the agent which is causing the open ai issue?

Hi … thanks for your reply and checking the account

I just add a key for Alfred in the Other Life Workspace. That is the only one that gives the warning message.



Hi Chrstian

not sure if the issue has been resolved? is this working right now?

Hi … no still getting the same issue.
Answerly AI Key Issue

Tried to upload a screenshot

What happen if you create a new open ai key and test with that?