Please activate my whitelabel - I need to deploy without your branding

Happy Christmas. @Simone I’m migrating all bots from Re:tune. Please activate my whitelabel on the account signed up with Gmail, bok***** Employ AI PTY LTD.



Thank you for your purchase!

Your full invoice is attached to this email.

Amount paid Payment method

$570.90 (inc. tax)

I have sent a request to the team, they will activate as soon as possible.

Hi again. My trial account will run out in 2 days. Please @Fatos can you activate my whitelabel. I think the issue might by I paid for the whitelabel before I had a paid subscription 5 days ago Thank you Email: boktoday@

I will make sure this will get sorted tomorrow

Thank you. :grinning:

Hi, we have just activated your license.

Hi @Simone Thanks. Please point me to the whitelabel settings? I’m not seeing any fields?
I take it this is where I can apply my own branding and Cname for domain?

Hello there @Fatos and @Simone. Thank you for adding a subscription to my account, however the white label edit fields has not been activated. Please can you do this for me today as I need to set up asap. Thanks

Thanks. I see it is working now!

Hi, sorry for the delay, the white label license has been activated.

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Awesome. Everything is working well now. Happy New Year!

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