Pop Up Greeting


I have set the greeting to only when user interacts but the chat bot automatically opens everytime a user lands on the site. Even if I set greeting to “never show” the chat bot opens and just shows no messages.

How do I make it not open unless user clicks?


Hi Nick,

I just checked your website and your dashboard. The greeting message is set to be shown after the user interacts with it, and it is working as expected. Currently, there are no greeting messages being displayed on the chat widget until the user starts to interact with it.

Thanks for quick reply.

For me, on Chrome, Safari and on several devices (also on a device in another location) it still opens without the user clicking it?

What browser are you using?

Also on firefox it seems to default to standard greeting message and not the one I’ve provided.

Looks like I jumped the gun, this seems to be working fine now - thank you. I still have issue with firefox though.