Popup - acumbamail - pass gdpr checkbox to form?

I’m trying to integrate my popup form with acumbamail.

The integration works well, and the data is passed across without issue

However, the GDPR check box in the builder in popup does not have a custom field attribute that I can map to the ID in acumbamail - can you advise how I can pass the confirmation of the checkbox submission across to acumbamail.

Hey @FranksHadEnough

The Popup Hero GDPR feature is supposed to block the user from submitting their data unless they agree to your terms.

Are you suggesting to collect user data along with the GDPR agreement response from the user, even if they decline?

Hi Fatos, thanks for your reply - no, not at all

I want the fact that the GDPR box has been ticked or checked in pop-up to be reflected in my form on acumbmail so that I have confirmation in acumbamail that I have GDPR consent.

So I’m looking how to pass that information from the pop-up form to acumbamail because the GDPR checkbox in pop-up doesn’t have a custom attribute/ID field that you can complete

Hey @FranksHadEnough

Because our GDPR compliance functions correctly by preventing the submission of any data unless the user checks the checkbox, the entirety of your AcumbaMail list that will hold this user data should be marked to indicate that the users have provided consent.

ok no worries - understood - thanks for your help and support

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