Popup Hero Templates

Hi – I am trying to use Popup Hero but none of the templates are available to me. There is no section now andno way to find the templates. Please help me out with this.



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The same thing happened to me, I appreciate any help you can give me

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I also can’t find the other templates.

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Hello! Any response regarding this would be appreciated! I would appreciate support on this matter! Thank you.

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I have been asking for a response for awhile. Just respond and let us know what you plan to do about this.

@Simone @Fatos @Emma Can someone please reply and get this sorted?

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@Simone @Fatos Can someone please reply ?

@Emma Can someone please reply?

Hello! Any updates on this? Could you please assist us? Several of us are requesting a response.

This really is needed can someone answer this too please? @Fatos @Simone

Is this the only support channel for all of the products. This ticket is 3 weeks old. The lack of interaction is still really concerning … Especially considering the recent threads. We really need a more proactive support function.

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the late reply.

We’re actually in the process of upgrading PopupHero, so we had to take down the templates for now.

The PopupHero website also also got an update, so you might notice the templates aren’t advertised anymore.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

When do you think it will be back?

We don’t have any estimate on this, is there any specific template you had your eye on?

It seems like you are just throwing popuphero templates in the trash. How about a refund since you are not providing this anymore.