Possible to limit user?

Is it possible yet to limit what a user can do within a workspace? Like not being able to create new chatbots etc.?

If not this would be great.

It would also be great if we could have a bunch of toggle on/off for all the different settings or tab. So we can limit what a client can access and change.

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@Simone or @Fatos - is this possible somehow yet?

Use case:

I have client who want’s his designer to design the chatbot himself with the settings available.
I have multiple clients who wants access to the conversations.

I want to give them access. But I do NOT want to give them access to the custom prompt or the other prompts and also not the knowledge base - because i consider this my IP. How i write my prompts and how i structure my knowledge base is something that has come out of MANY trial and error and not something i want any user to be able to copy.

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