Problems to setup Answerly correctly

Unfortunately, I have a lot of issues with Answerly since I set it up. I purchased Tier 3 at AppSumo and wanted to “upgrade” to Tier 5.

However, I am currently on the verge of refunding Answerly because I am not getting any help and Answerly is not working as desired. Your FP Group is actually no help by solving my problem.

If I try to add my website for Real-time training i get the following error: Your sitemap didn’t meet our quality audit standards. Please ensure each URL in your sitemap contains the ‘lastmod’ value.

Your Link to the article does not realy help!

What exactly should I do now to solve the problem?

Can you also give me some advice how to “setup” the exiting Sitemap in WordPress with “loc” and “lastmod”?


Hello @DeKay,

To address real time syncing of websites, we use your sitemap to check for updates on your website. This is convenient because the sitemap contains a list of all your webpages, along with the last time they were updated.

However, if the sitemap doesn’t include this last updated timestamp, our system will not allow you to import the website, simply because there’s no way for our system to scan for changes effectively.

The Help Center article you are referencing explains exactly this: Answerly - Sitemap Quality Audit

Unfortunately, sitemap configuration varies based on how your website is built, so we cannot provide a universal “what to do” guide for when your sitemap is considered invalid.

I will, however, attempt to help you out. I wanted to make sure you understood the situation first. Please let me know which tool or platform you used to build the website you want to import, and I’ll see if I can guide you on creating a sitemap that meets our audit standards.

Hello @DeKay,

I apologize once more for the issue you are facing. As I’ve previously mentioned, there is a highly technical problem that needs to be resolved in order to create an efficient real-time sync system. The majority of sitemaps work out of the box, but when they don’t, some work is required.

I would like to suggest, as a potential workaround, using Google Docs. It is a real-time platform that does not involve any of the technical challenges or audits you mentioned.

You could focus on compiling your knowledge there and then simply import it via a link.