Query About Multiple Options in Human Takeover Feature

Hi Simone,

I’m curious about the current capabilities of our human takeover feature. Specifically, is it possible to include two live chat options, such as WhatsApp and Instagram, in a single human takeover request?

What you can do in this case is to create a small page with two buttons

and use it inside the widget as an iframe link. So, when the user triggers the human takeover feature, it will display an iframe with two options for the user to choose from: one button for WhatsApp and another to open Instagram.

I see not very practical but cheers for explaining the workaround. We desperately need this feature after the conversation form is done please. So we can have multi options and not to be restricting our customers just to running one of the other.

Yes, this is a workaround, as we don’t view WhatsApp or Instagram as live chat services. However, I realize that more and more people are using these channels to provide customer assistance. Therefore, after completing the conversational update, we will think about these new integrations.