Questions about Answerly and Facepop

First off, you need to update the email in your chatbot or at least the instructions there. When it can no longer answer my questions it told me to send an email to which I presume no longer works because I didn’t get any replies at all. I waited for a week, sent another follow up email but got nothing. Just stumbled upon this community in my quest for searching for alternative ways to reach you guys.

Anyway, below are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to combine Facepop and Answerly? For instance we want one single widget on our website which will start with a video greeting from Facepop then at the bottom a call to action is added where they have the option to leave a message (fill out a form) or chat with AI (this is where Answerly comes in).

  2. We want to be able to add Answerly into various client websites. These clients need to have their own separate logins and be able to upload stuff to their own knowledge base. Is this possible? If yes, can you please share the documentation/instructions for this?

Hi Jedi, the email is correct, and we are currently providing customer support on this platform. We send automatic emails to direct users to ask questions on this forum, but yours probably landed in the spam folder.

About point 1 we already have an integration with facepop and answerly if you check on the cta buttons and select other you will be able to select chat with AI

Regarding point 2, this is possible if you have our white-label agency plan. You will be able to create your own dashboard with your logo and URL and create as many workspaces for each of your customers as needed. They can start using it as if it were their own private space to create chatbots and upload information to the knowledge hub.

Hi Simone. Thank you for addressing my questions. I will look into this and reach out again if I get stuck somewhere.

Hi again Simone. Quick question, is there a way to close facepop? Like after a visitor completes a CTA (book an appointment for example) and wishes to close the window, how does one do that? It seems that you can just minimize facepop and the video goes on a loop but not totally close it.

Hi Jedi, I guess for most users “minimized” means “closed.” What exactly would you want to happen?

Hi Simone. If it’s not possible to close Facepop completely, ideally we would have wanted it to be minimised to a round chat icon. Is this possible?

Anyway, I have another question but this is regarding Answerly. We added a pdf file and supplied our sitemap in the knowledge hub but was surprised that the chatbot gave answers that are not in the pdf document provided nor found in our website.

See examples of inaccurate info here:

  1. 2024-01-18_10-50-09.jpg - Google Drive
  2. 2024-01-18_10-55-01.jpg - Google Drive

Any idea why this happened? How else can we train the bot to give out accurate answers?

Hi Jedi, you should provide the correct answer for that specific question so it won’t be made up.

ChatGPT is always trying to answer questions. It would probably be better to use another source rather than uploading a PDF. If you have your dataset inside Google Docs, you can edit it faster and make changes according to user questions.