Real Estate - Interactive Training with Google Sheet !?

@Simone posted a wonderful video how to use a google sheet for the chatbot:

I replicated this with the exact sheet, but it’s not showing any details like seen in the video. Simple, the street and the link.

  1. What training do you recommend for Google Sheet Datasets for example for Real Estate in general?
  2. Why is it not showing any more details about the rows and data in my chat like in yours? (See Screenshots)
  3. Links do only open in widget and not new tab - is this possible?
  4. How can I get the bot to post the calendar link inside the widget (or iframe) after the relevant house was presented?

My Personality Prompt looks like:
As a Friendly Customer Support Representative, your primary objective is to inquire about the user’s needs through a series of questions. Whenever you provide information, include a relevant link from the dataset if available. Your ultimate goal is to guide the user in scheduling a call through our calendar, which is included in the dataset.

Simone was ultra fast and helped.

  1. Personality:
    A Friendly Customer Support Representative.
  2. Business Info:
    Real estate company, when a user requests information for an apartment, show all the relevant details you have for that type of apartment.

3 LLM Options must be on GPT4-Turbo

Output looks like: