Regarding OpenAI API


I just purchased Answerly via AppSumo today. I went for the Tier 5.

But now I can see, that it requires own OpenAI API to work.

Absolutely not something you write on your site, and your own chat is telling that it is not necessary.

How should I understand that?

I don’t have a problem by using the OpenAI API key, but what worries me is if I have to fund the API key account and that funding will be consumed by using Answerly.

Hello @gladcreative,

We submitted this information on our deal page, but AppSumo has not yet responded.

We launched this summer when BYOK was the standard for all chatbots at the time.

Our agents have sent millions of messages, and we have imported over 200,000 webpages as of now. Requiring an OpenAI key is necessary to provide lifetime access to our software, and I hope you can understand.

If you feel this arrangement does not work for you, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for giving us a try.

@Fatos how does the funding on the OpenAI API key works?
The credit will be consumed only to train the chatbot, or also when the chatbot is used by the website visitors?
Can you ellaborate on this matter please?
Thank you

Actually the same thing I have been asking couple of times, but no clear answer yet. Why not just lay it out and explain?

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Hey @rocketing and @gladcreatve I will make a thread in the common questions regarding how spending at Answerly works! I’ll tag you once it’s live.

Please @Fatos , I want to like the tool, but I also need to understand how it works and what are the costs that it will generate.

Hey there, please check out this thread I created:

I will edit it to further clarify if you have more questions, but it should give you a general understanding.