Registration and subsequent redirection to another url


In Facepop I would like to put a name field, email and 1 single button, to save the data in the active campaign and later perform a redirection to another url.

How could I do it? At the moment I have put a button to take the data to the active campaign and another button for redirection, but it is not at all clear what action the user has to take….


Hello @Sergio than you for the message!

Could you try to achieve this with webhooks?

Here’s a guide:

A webhook to do a page redirect??

I don’t see it, because the redirection has to be instantaneous once the name and email are submitted, and the webhook may not be so immediate…

Hello @Fatos ,

I had answered you, saying that I find a webhook for a redirection slow…

Maybe I haven’t understood it well.

Could you explain it another way?

What I need is for people to register with their name and email and the submit button generates a redirection to another page.

Greetings and thanks!