Right Click Inspect Code shows Answerly Branding

Report bugs for developers.

This is not good team please do something. Appreciate a reply atleast for this?

White Label References
We have noticed that some users are putting in a lot of effort to find all hidden references to Facepop and Answerly.

As we have previously stated, we are dedicated to removing all these references, but this process may take some time.

What I want to discuss today is whether it is truly necessary to hide all these references.
In my opinion, many new agencies are paying too much attention to minor details.
If your customer is a developer or is planning to hire one to discover the source of the white label product, they will probably succeed. This raise the question why would you want a customer who is actively seeking to replace you?
Instead i believe your role should be to provide better customer service and support than Answerly or Facepop can. For example we don’t have the resources for one-on-one calls or to set up chatbots for each customer individually, but you should be capable of doing that.
Even if you charge a bit more than we do, it shouldn’t be a problem because you’re offering a superior customer experience.
Another factor often overlooked is responsibility for technical issues beyond your control.
For example, if our servers go down, you won’t be able to assist your customers because you rely on Answerly’s infrastructure.

We face the same issue with OpenAI, if they have downtime, we depend on them to resolve the issue. Sometimes, trying to completely hide the platform isn’t the best strategy.

We can’t conceal our reliance on OpenAI for processing responses.
Rest assured, we are committed to removing all obvious references, but it will likely take some time.


for me the whitelabel is important in the main areas: domain, email, links… the average user sees it.
if it is to hide from developers that will dig into the code - then it is not important.

if any customer asks me “what?! this is a whitelabel?!” i answer yes, i have official permit to whitelabel it from the company and there is 0 issues with that.

Thanks Simone this is a great surety that the team is working on it. BTW Sam, I am not sure if your an agency but when we compete or fight to win a client who already is working with a existing agency. A older reputed agency may just offer same service as we would and gain that customer more than giving us a chance. Why would you want that to happen?

all agencies know there is appsumo and they know of all the relevant tools. and yet again - 99% of your customers will not move away after training and embeding the bot. it is too much work for small possible difference in price

and I dont mind they fix EVERY mention of Answerly also in code - just saying it is taking them time, and there are many more urgent features that your customers would love to have - like whatsapp or instagram integration.

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So what is the ETA for this?

Sorry but i can’t provide an exact ETA for this at this moment

Hi Simone,
Here is what happened.
I pitched to client about our chatbot and wanted him to try it. He was very excited about it and he asked his current agency to do it for him. when we went to check what happened to us he said his current agency is doing this and just said thanks. 2 days later I see a same chatbot in clients site from the other agency.
I feel I provoked and gave them the idea and they fairly got to do it on there own.
I feel miserable now. Hope you see something can be done on those code level hides. I really want to sell but not able to convert any. Kindly help with this soon.