Roadmap or Vision for answerly

So, it’s been a while, a lot of moving pieces is in the ever changing market of AI.

I would love to get an update, (or even better, a live presentation with Q&A, from the Answerly team) where you talk about your vision for Answerly, what you are currently focusing on, what’s next - and even more interestingly, if and how your vision or and roadmap has changed during the last months.

Would love to get your perspective on things and hear what your thoughts are on both the market right now and the future, and your approach and vision.



Yeah or at least do some postings of whats cooking! :wink:


Hi, i think i have already replied to a similar questions few days ago.

we are working on mutliples updates, and they are coming togheter.

here is the link

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Can you also let us know when the whatsapp & facebook, Insta integrations will be up?

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Not really, since my question was about roadmap and vision. In the other thread you said you are working on two updates - is that your vision for answerly, to release those two updates?

I was more curious to hear your thoughts on if anything has changed with your long term roadmap or vision with all the new features and releases of AI software, and where you want to eventually steer this ship.

Where and how do you see Answerly in 2 years? It’s a hard question to answer, especially in the ever-evolving space of AI - but having an idea of where you want to go and how you see yourself moving is an interesting one.