Security question from Client

I have been for several days now trying to get an answer to the following question.

I’ve written in a post in the community, in a dm to both Fatos and Simone and made a facebook post.

One of my biggest clients have put a pause on the development on their chatbot to review security.

I’ve stated to them that we have priortized GDPR from the beginning and that it’s safe to move forward from our end.

I got the following question and said i would get back to him on Friday but i need help answering it.

“Do you have a compilation of the security measures you have taken into account? Including GDPR. I know one of the questions was about who owns/has access to the information provided in the Chatbot.”

Please help me respond to this.

Sure! !:blush:

We prioritize data privacy and security.
As such, Answerly is in line with GDPR requirements.

The data provided in the chatbot is owned by you and not shared with third parties. Our team has access only for support and improvement purposes.

Thanks! However that didn’t really help me provide them with a list of security measures we have taken into account to ensure GDPR complience.