Send email when human take over happens

So we want to send an email when bot can’t answer the issue and human takover is needed. From the email we would create a ticket and then answer it from our usual support system (zendesk)

How can we do this? is there some webhook or something we can use?

We will look into this when we are going to release the conversational form.We can create a signal that is triggered when the human takeover is recognized by the agent and trigger a webhook, I will change this post to a feature request and I will keep you updated,

that would be great, and with that form the whole conversation should be sent as well to provide wider context of what custoemr was trying to do and how.

So for right now, do you have a functionalty to trigger a webhook with info about the conversation ? We could maybe use zapier or something to then create a ticket in Zendesk

If you can get a zendesk iframe for chat, add that to the link option. It kindof works for me with freescout.

I’m proud of the iframe feature, it’s easy to set up, looks beautiful, and works out of the box almost every time.

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