[Solved] Can't redeem Appsumo purchase


Bought the app sumo tier 3 yesterday but can’t seem to activate it.

There’s been an issue activating your product. Please shoot us an email at [support@appsumo.com] for help.

Is the link between AppSumo activation and your platforms’ accounts broken? I believe I saw some comments from you guys saying that once.
Should I just wait an extra day? Do I have to refund and give up?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @Digital,

There were indeed issues with the redemption yesterday. Could you try a different e-mail address? As the issues have been mainly resolved and there’s plenty who have redeemed their licenses just right now.

Hi @Fatos
It worked indeed. Tried it yesterday too, just in case and it didn’t work either.
Too bad I spent time/money to teach the agent on my other account in anticipation of linking the purchase to it…
Anyway, it works now, thanks. Off to try it out.

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