Some important queries

  1. How can I create custom fields or get my chat bot ask client their name, email and phone number first before starting the conversation?

  2. How to modify answers given by the bot after adding the knowledge base if the bot is giving wrong information ?

  3. I need help in making answerly redirect to my whatsapp if it is not able to answer the desired question.

  4. Are there any video tutorials to get guidance for new clients to understand the product completely ?

  5. 1-1 onboarding session would be a great help for me.

Hi Rocketalgo

Welcome to the Answerly Community!

Point 1: We are working on a new update that will enable you to retrieve information from the user in a conversational way, exactly as described. It will be available as soon as the conversation starts. This update, called “Conversational Form,” will be the next feature we bring to Answerly.

Point 2: We have launched the new Q/A dataset, which has priority over the other datasets. Within the conversation menu, you can use the new fine-tuning options to create a Q/A dataset. This way, you will be able to fine-tune certain important keywords. We are also working on releasing an easier method to make this process much simpler and are actively developing it.

Point 3: We don’t have this feature built specifically for WhatsApp, but you can easily enter a URL in the human takeover section. You can also use the quick replies button in combination with a human takeover trigger to redirect the user to a WhatsApp page ( or open the whatsapp app )

Point 4: I’m making a short video for you to demonstrate how to achieve what I’ve mentioned above and as a welcome gesture to the community.

We also have a website and some YouTube videos to get you started.

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