Speak to chat update

:loudspeaker: New update release!

:loud_sound: Speak to chat! Now you can use your voice to interact with your agent. :tada:

This exciting feature is available to tier 4-5 users of AppSumo.

I have created a short video to demonstrate how this new voice interaction works.

But wait, there’s more! :star2: We have also released a new pattern background option. You can check it out on the Answerly changelog here: Answerly - Changelog

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements! :sparkles:


mmmmm… only tier 4 & 5 :thinking:

“All future Pro Plan updates” AS - Plans

Hi Frank, yes my bad this feature might be linked to the Agency plan, which is the equivalent to the tier 5, we decide to include the tier 4 as well, but this is not definitive, i will wait for the founder to decide which plan and tier this is going to be assigned.

Hi Simone - thanks for the reply.

Yes - agree - should be made avail on all tiers.

Thanks so much for a prompt response. :pray:

This is amazing. Can you add a small auto tool tip after x seconds on the mic icon so that users can actually use this feature else they might feel it will send a voice message than a converted text message. Its a wonderful feature.

Great release. Can we use the voice feature in other languages?

:star_struck: :100: :boom:

this is great, but seems to only work in English, no matter the language defined for the bot… please add other lang. as well

the speak to chat doesnt work in preview or get link mode.

Amazing. Please add german language for voice input, too.

Will you add a feature that the bot answer in spoken language as well?

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