Unable to use human takeover

I’m trying to use Continually for human takeover.
I have both Facepop and Answerly (5 tiers)
Right now, I have Facepop embedded and working on my client portal (SuperOkay).

I wanted to add a live chat element and created a bot on Answerly. The I added the chatbot ID to FacePop. The problem is, Facepop nor Answerly runs the script and the AI bot just states a live agent is coming, but it never connects.
Please assist.

Hey @Ree,

I am very sorry but I am not sure I follow the request. Can you please elaborate? What is Continually, as that is something not related to human takever.

Thank you, I’ll do my best to help you out once I know more!

Thanks for your response.

Actually, Continually IS related to human takeover as it provides live chat with our customers (something that Answerly does not.) Here’s the link: https://continual.ly
and here’s the link to the live chat feature: Continually | Live chat software for your website

Answerly nor Facepop runs the JS that Continual.ly is providing so that when a person requests a human being during the chat, live chat is activated.

Hopefully that gives you a clearer picture of what is going on.

Ah I understand now. So you are trying to embed Continually when asking for human takeover?

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Hey @Ree

Please send me a private message here with your Answerly e-mail as well as the Continually embed code!

Hello @essp

Eventually we plan to support it, however at the moment we have many more updates in the works that is most focused around providing autonomous support to your visitors.


We’ve just introduced a new feature which allows you to open links within the widget.

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