Update: Conversational Forms 💬

Hello! :smile: We have some exciting news for you today!

Setting up your agents to collect data has never been this easy or engaging.

Simply hop on over to the new Collect Data setting on the agent page and set everything up!

And because we’re all about making things easier for you, our loving Simone has created two video guides, one as a demo, another as a how-to!


How to

Check it out!

Let’s make data collection fun and conversational!:rocket:


@Fatos Excellent, you actually deliver what you say. Thank you for your commitment. You exceed my expectations. :star_struck:


:raised_hands:Jesus, this is an amazing job, guys!! Congratulations, @Fatos and Team! Also, these explanations from Simone make my life easier. Kepp doing this please.


Great Job Fatos and team!!


@Fatos pleae delete in white label plans url to answerly help center. It is critical bug for wl users.

@Pawel I have just removed the link. It’ll go away in the next few minutes on your end as well!

Thank you everyone! Looking forward to making this feature even better with your feedback, in the near future!

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Thanks, feature is awsome :slightly_smiling_face: good job and thanks for super fast fix :slightly_smiling_face:

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image i have all permisions added to google sheet file.

Hey @Pawel

Can you send me your sheet so I can check?

Priv :slight_smile:

This is a great feature addon! Is there a way to give the timestamp data in a specific time zone? Looks like the default is UTC

Collect Data is a great new feature, I tried to add a Option type question and it gave the options in the chat as Option1, Option 2, Option 3 instead of the tittles I provided. I did move the orders at some point which may have had an impact. Also, the bot collected my choice for the options, it stopped asking the next questions.

I will try to remove the options menu question but I wanted to let you guys know.

Hi HDF, yes, please let us know if you have found any other bugs, we are actively looking for them.

Hey Fatos and team, great job on this new update.

I have a question: can we set this lead capturing in a more natural way? so instead of making the visitor give in the info at start, the chatbot has a conversation to convince user to give in their data making the user-experience more problem-solving and funnel-oriented.


Great work! Now let us add predefined questions and conditional logic for displaying data based on answers :slight_smile:

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Awesome job. @Fatos delivers again, as promised.

I find that the behavior to trigger the form fill is immediate. It seems like the agent’s purpose is now to fill the form above anything else and it will always want to prompt the user for form field information before diverting to another subject.

As the agent behaves behaves now, it would have to become 2nd agent specialized in data collection in a contact us page as I wouldn’t feel comfortable to include data collection on my main conversational agent on my main page as it would deter users.

In the perfect world, I would see the data collection being triggered by an event such as: 1. Strong customer engagement or 2. Customer requesting to be contacted.

I attempted to fix this by changing the agent identity and wrote the following: “The bot offers to collect data from the user if it feels there is sufficient interest or if the user asks to be contacted.” But it didn’t cure the issue.

Thank you for reading!

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Hi HDF, we will offer additional options for initiating conversational forms. Currently, they activate at the beginning of the conversation, but we are planning changes to give you the ability to choose when the conversational forms should start.


Good to hear as this seems very important if one wants to integrate a form to an agent without making filling the form conditional to having a conversation.



We are bringing conversational forms as an interactive dataset as well. This should solve the majority of problems and you should be able to simply describe when should the form kick in.