Updating Sign In Method From Google to Email

I signed up for Answerly using my Google Account and I want to change it to just use my work email. I tried talking to the Chatbot on the Answerly site which tells me to reach out to someone directly to handle this. Can someone fix this so I just sign in using my email instead of my google account?

Hey @Craig

If you’ve signed up with google, you can insert your e-mail in the reset password section, which you can use to create a new password, since google does not work with passwords. By creating a password, then you will be allowed to change login settings, such as e-mail.

Here’s the reset password URL:

You can then change your e-mail here after:

So I tried using the Reset Password link maybe around a half hour ago but never got an email to reset it. I just tried again and didn’t receive a password reset email. It’s not in my spam either

Can you pm me your current e-mail, and the new one that you want to change it to?