Urgent human takeover stop working

Hi.Can you please have a have a look at human takeover has stopped working for some reason.

Hi Zeni,

I have just checked your dashboard, and it looks like the human takeover has been disabled. Also, I think you have entered the keywords incorrectly, there is no need to use dash and you should enter each keyword on a new line, like this

talk to support
talk to real person

Hi. Simon thank you for your prompt response.

I disabled human takeover after it stopped working to avoid confusion. While the keywords have been effective, I appreciate the suggestion to place them on separate lines. Your assistance in investigating this matter would be appreciated.

If you can please you test the human takeover on Crisp, as you did before? This way, you can experience it yourself and see what I mean.

Hi Zeni

try to use this code inside the human take over feature.
select run code and paste this:
please make sure to replace the part where it says “here your crisp website id”

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.$crisp = [];
    window.CRISP_WEBSITE_ID = "here your crips website id";
    (function () {
        d = document;
        s = d.createElement("script");
        s.src = "https://client.crisp.chat/l.js";
        s.async = 1;
$crisp.push(["do", "chat:open"])

Hi Simon,

I’ve followed the provided instructions to implement the Answerly code for Chatbot destruction. However, the expected removal of the Answerly Chatbot on the website isn’t happening as intended. Additionally, there’s an unexpected behavior where Crisp is appearing on the left side instead of the usual right side.

Regarding the dashboard, the intended entities are getting destroyed appropriately, but Crisp is showing up on the left-hand side.

This issue arose immediately after the recent Conversation Forum update a couple of days ago. I suspect there might be an issue introduced during this release. Could you please investigate and provide assistance?

Thank you,