What is the State of Anwserly? (Please Answer)

I posted this on another thread but decided this needs its own thread as well.

Simone, I get that you say updates are coming and I also get that your staff may be limited; however, in my opinion, you cannot keep your community in the dark like this. Part of the reason we all purchased (at least I did) was because of the constant communication you were exhibiting in the beginning went I first purchased. Its like going on a first date and second date and then not hearing from the other person for 3 MONTHS…

I assume that many or all of us want to use Answerly for our Clients and you have to understand that part of using Answerly in our workflow relies heavily on having confidence in the product and feeling like things are progressing.

Lately it feels like the Storm is coming and the shop is getting ready to Close permanently. DRAMATIC…Yes, thats my intention.

So please, even if its at least once or twice a month, give us an update on whats going on if you dont want us to jump ship before it sinks. I hope Im completely wrong but you NEED to give all something more than just “Updates are coming”

Even if the updates are Amazing as Im sure it will be, please do not let communication fall by the wayside. Remember this, your investors are your partners in success. By keeping open lines of communication, you not only demonstrate respect for the product and its users that purchased but also foster a sense of trust and engagement that can drive your company forward.

Simone, your community has spoken, next move is yours…

‘Investors are like seeds - they need regular watering to grow. So nurture your investor relationships with consistent communication and watch your business bloom’ --Me

You may see this as over the top, and yes, it is, but I have sat here and waited for over 3 months for you to deliver and say something. Its been like crickets and tumble weeds around here lately so the dramatics are warranted. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

And please dont reply with “updates are coming” again because I will lose it. Thats not good enough Simone. I believe in you guys and am writing this as respectfully as possible. Please Address your community properly with a proper update because we are the audience your are building these updates for, remember?

I’m not expecting for you to give trade secrets away or your business plan, I just want reassurance. I need to know that this company is going somewhere or if I need to focus my efforts elsewhere. I dont think this request is unreasonable.

Thank you I eagerly await a response.


I posted this in the other thread, so i’ll post it here to.

Just to add to this.

I’m sure we can all understand that as AppSumo lifetime deal buyers, we are not investors in the traditional sense. However, we are grandfathered customers and lifetime beta-testers who want to see the product succeed. Many of us base a significant portion of our business on this tool.

That being said, I share the concerns expressed above. While decreased activity and communication individually may not be problematic, when both occur simultaneously, it raises red flags, especially in the rapidly evolving AI market.

If you are working “behind the scenes” and prefer not to disclose certain information publicly, I suggest leveraging your grandfathered beta-testers by creating a private group where you can communicate challenges, progress, and gather feedback. This way, you can maintain a more curated public presence for non-grandfathered users.

Lack of clear communication can lead to speculation and the spread of toxic negativity, which can be difficult to contain and damaging to the brand. No one wants this outcome, and it’s crucial to address concerns proactively.

A lot of us has probably experienced this too often in other AS deals. It usually goes like this:

  • Stage 1: Excitement, high activity, high commmunication (Uninformed Optimism)
  • Stage 2: Not all sunshine and rainbows, there is still work to be done and challenges to overcome but morale is still high, updates are delivered regularly etc.
  • Stage 3: Communication decrease, questions are left unanswered, updates has dropped off. People are starting to worry, what happened to the momentum? Concerns are shared and are usually met with “some big update is coming just around the corner” and this is repeated indefinately.
  • Stage 4: Concerns turns into toxic negativity, loss of user confidence, and potential project failure. People abandon the product, leaving grandiose messages of their departure. The morale is at an all time low. The founders usually get annoyed by the negativity and respond with long messages about how ungrateful and entitled some people are. People come to the defence of the founders with a more realistic approach while other scorn them. Stage 4 is is a critical point. Like stage 4 cancer. It’s still possible to turn it around, but it’s not looking good at all.

It seems like Answerly is currently between stages 2 and 3, leaning towards stage 3. Without clear communication, it’s difficult for users to know the project’s true status, leading to speculation and concern.

This is why communication is KEY. It’s so important, if only to keep your own morale and energy high, excited and that you feel that your customers got your back and feeding you positive energy for you to move through challenging days.

I truly believe in Answerly and appreciate the hard work of the entire team. If there’s anything we can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help Answerly thrive.

Looking forward to future updates and continued collaboration.


Guys the new updates should arrive on June, they are all linked, so it’s a big update. can’t discuss this on the forum but it will help to guide the user to your goals which is what is needed right now, there will be conditional choices it’s something new we are building from scratch.



Will any of the updates in June include updates to FacePop? There are many enhancements that we’re waiting for. If the updates willl include FacePop I’d love it you could just bullet out a few of them here to let us know. I’m especially waiting for the ability to add CNAMES to each of the workspaces for my clients since I have the whitelabel license. Please let us know. - Gary Gordon


Hi everyone,

I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your trust and deeply apologize for any issues or concerns you may have encountered.

Please rest assured that for many of us, Answerly and other products aren’t just jobs; they’re part of our lives. Given our products’ growing popularity, there is absolutely no logic in us ‘abandoning’, so I urge you not to worry about any ‘red flags’.

To clarify, we have actually been working tirelessly behind the scenes on several significant updates. I’d be thrilled to personally discuss our progress and future plans with each of you, and I look forward to showcasing them very soon with an upcoming update in the next week or two.

Additionally, I want to assure you that we are in the advanced stages of crafting our new white-label system. Your experience is about to get a whole lot better!

We are fully committed to our white-label accounts - that’s a promise. :blush:

If you are a whitelabel account, please reach out to me at fatos@answerly.io with feedback, as I would love to hear your words! (@garymgordon & others.)

Thank you


Sounds great. I would like to make a suggestion. It would be wonderful and I’m sure it would be appreciated by everyone of your Answerly and FacePop customers, if you could hold a MONTHLY Online Meetup (in Zoom or something similar) so you could meet with everyone (and record it for those who can’t make it) and just talk about what you did during the previous month, what is planned for the upcoming month, let us ask questions, raise concerns, talk about how we’re using the applications, etc. This would be an outstanding way of taking one hour out of each month to let us know where everything is at and where things are going. Do you think you could do this for us on a monthly basis? Please let us all know. Again, I think everyone would benefit and be thrilled with the opportunity to talk with you in this type of venue each month. Let us know. Thanks, Gary


Amazing idea. I’m also a white-label user running Facepop & Answerly. Even though I’m confident in Fatos and almost always have the same feelings as mentioned above with every new client I sign, what if Answerly shuts down tomorrow? What will I say and how will I handle my clients?

So, a meeting once a month would be amazing, and regular updates on what’s happening behind the scenes would be awesome too.

Also, a direct integration into GoHighLevel.com’s Marketplace would be nice.

I’m very curious about the new system.


Thats all I wanted to hear. You see! Im happy again. We just need to know every once and a while that the platform is still alive and doing well, as anyone who invested in something would. The monthly video meet would be nice as someone else mentioned. Fatos, please give us updates regularly. No0t hearing from you guys for 3 months is an eternity so please keep us in the loop. Thank you for the brief update and I look forward to your formal update soon as you mentioned. :+1:


Thats so amazing to hear @Fatos. You have always been amazing in support and among the best founders who values customers and there feedback. Not to hear from you was a huge disconnect. So happy to hear you back. Holding on to our horses to see whats coming.


GHL integration would be awesome!

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