White Label custom domain

Hello, I have added the CNAME record in my DNS zone editor and pointed it to “app-answerly-io--domain.b-cdn.net.” After hitting the “test CNAME” button, I received a message saying, “Success - CNAME can be registered!” However, when I click the “edit your whitelabel” button, I get an error message saying, “We could not verify that you have added our CNAME record to your custom domain. Please add the CNAME record as suggested in the custom domain field.”
How can I fix this issue? Thanks

Hi Milad,

If the test works when you hit it, perhaps you have entered the wrong SMTP credentials. If you can provide more information about the CNAME you are trying to set up, that would be helpful. Also, the email associated with your account is not the same as the one used for the Answerly account, so I could not check myself.

I’ve sent you a DM. Thanks

we have fixed this today