White label is unlimited to customers

(its not a feature request as I still need to understand it)

So if I want to create a chatbot for a client - he gets invite from my whitelable rebranded account - and he actually gets
an unlimited account where he can make as many agents and as many chatbots he wants?!
thats good for some scenarios, but not good for others. it is hard to sell (for example to sell more than 1 chatbot - as he can make as many as he wants)
and potentialy he could make also for his friends or for his clients if he wants and he could even sell them if he wants as I (the admin of WL account) have no control over it.

No, your customer only gets one bot and if he wants more he pays you. You get unlimited bots, not him.

well… maybe i am missing something - but when i invite to my other email (to simulate client’s account) it seems like i can open unlimited agents/chats via the new account

Well that’s what let me believe I’ve done the same as you I invited myself as a client I was unable to create as many as I like no restrictions from the admin.