White label of answerly

White labelling simply doesn’t seem to work. After paying for white labelling I still get “Created with :zap: Answerly” AND no instructions at all about anything else white labelled. What’s the purpose of white labeling and paying the extra money?

Also why isn’t there literally any support for your product? The product LOOKS great but with zero support anywhere - what’s the point of investing the money? Please help solve the issue!


Just regular user like you, but here is the solution:

  1. Access “Other” by navigating through the Menu in the following order: Answerly → Chatbot → Other, or use this URL: https://app.answerly.io/chatbot/other .
  2. Locate the “Answerly Branding” setting on the right and ensure it is unticked.
  3. Click “Apply.”

The whitelabe instructions can be found on the Account Settings Tab - easy and straight fwd.

Hello @icttm_social

Thank you for your message, and I apologize for the experience.

Have you configured your whitelabel settings at https://app.answerly.io/workspace/whitelabel ?


Please take a look at our whitelabel FAQ as well: Answerly - Whitelabel FAQ

Me and @Simone are here to help you out if you run into issues.

Thank you. Weird that your own chat bot directs to a non working email and that directs to this portal though. I appreciate the rapid response.

I can vouch for @Fatos and Answerly. You can get support from here or hop on a chat with the team. They’re not only very available, but also courteous and fix everything fast.

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And that’s how you build success.

Definitely, and I know some people come from other tools that let them down because of founders’ neglect of the customer, me being one of them. Yes, Answerly needs adjustments and lacks that wow factor of the other tool we all heard of, but all of this improves over time. The attitude and dedication does not, and for that Answerly has my respect.

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Totally agree. That’s why I choose to invest in @Fatos, exactly how you said it, despite the other tool that we all heard of.


I have also issue with the white labelling. i have followed the instructions of Whitelable FAQ and the whitelable is created but i am still on the app.answerly.io.
could you please help me with the issue?
Thanks in advance!
kind regards

Hi Mr. H,

If you have successfully created a CNAME, you should be able to log in from your subdomain. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information here about the domain, and I have also tried to log into your dashboard, but the email you are using for the community is not the same as your account’s, so I could not check for you.

Please send me the email via private message.

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I have sent you my email via private message.

I’ve been waiting since before xmas for a satisfactory reply despite directly contacting Fatos as requested. I’m less than impressed at the moment which is a pity as it seems a good product. I just can’t deploy anything at the moment until my questions are answered and the white label issue resolved (I’ve been through the process and there were issues which others were also encountering).

Hi Somone, I also have some troubles with the white labeling. Everything works fine (cname, own dashboard, SMTP mail) exept that I can see reference to answerly depoying the script on a webpage. Despite that also that in the source code of the page also Face pop and your other products are mentioned???
Please could you confirm that no answerly reference should be seen in the source code of the website. Thank you!

Hi bowsjb please send me your CNAME and email I will open a ticket for you

When using the whitelabel setup and custom domain, when adding a video to the knowledge dataset, and the video is called in the conversation it opens in a new window with a domain fcdn.answerly.io. Please advise